Terms of use

Location-Ratgeber.de: Find conference hotels, seminar rooms, wedding locations

Location-Ratgeber.de is a platform for the presentation and research of suitable locations. This applies to locations for seminars, meetings, weddings and other celebrations. (in the following „portal“)

The portal is aimed at hotels, inns and other providers of rooms and accommodation for the above events. It expressly does not address pure event locations or restaurants. (in the following „hotels“)

The portal is also aimed at service providers offering a service for meetings, corporate events, weddings and private parties. (hereinafter referred to as „service provider“)

The portal continues to address companies and individuals looking for a venue for a meeting, seminar, corporate event or private celebration. (hereinafter referred to as „customer“)

The portal is free of charge for hotels, service providers and customers alike. The portal only provides the information. For resulting business relations, the portal requires no commission and is not involved. All rights and obligations arising from the business relationship rely on the hotels, service providers and customers. The respective hotel / service provider is responsible for the content of the presentation. Likewise for the preservation of the picture rights of the adjusted pictures.

However, this free advertising for the hotels / service providers also means that they create and maintain their own presence. (see demo hotel and guide to information input) The display of images is limited to 10 images per provider.

The portal also does not answer customer questions about the hotels.

Registration / Login

Customers do not need registration / login. The login is only for hotels / service providers who would like to insert one or more locations / services. It is possible to set several locations with one login. This refers to locally separated locations. A multiple input of a location for different purposes or rooms is not useful and not desired. Corresponding search functions are available.
So a hotel chain can register and manage all their houses. It is not possible to assign the individual houses to different employees at this time.

You must enter a password for the registration. You can change or query this passsword at any time. Location-Ratgeber.de has no access to your password. The portal is based on WordPress. Location-Ratgeber.de rejects strictly a liability for data theft over WordPress.
A claim for an activation of the venue does not exist. Location-Ratgeber.de reserves the right to reject inappropriate registrations. Likewise, inappropriate or unprofessional locations can be blocked.

Image rights

The hotel / service provider takes care to only upload images for which use within the framework of this portal is permitted.

Should anyone feel harmed by the use of images on this portal, we ask for notice and explanation by e-mail. We will block the location until a proof has been provided by one of the parties for image usage. In the case of misuse of image rights, the hotel / service provider is liable, not the portal.